Tips for visitors

Here are the some tips for visitors and future vendors of the Denver Gem & Mineral Showcase.


  • Check the schedule of the Denver Gem & Mineral Showcase.
  • Decide on your budget and prepare cash.
  • Bring some copies of your state resale license, if you are a wholesale buyer.
  • Bring some copies of Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, if you are a wholesale buyer.
  • Bring extra business cards.
  • Call your credit card companies before you are going to the show, and let them know that you are. It will help to avoid freeze your account.
  • Prepare your online payment account information, especially PayPal and Stripe. Some vendors are not accepting credit cards.
  • Wear or bring a lightweight jacket. It is chilly sometimes in the morning and evening in Denver in September.
  • Bring shoulder bag or cross strap purse. It will help your hands free and safe. In the show, many pickpockets happen every year. If you will use a backpack, please be careful and avoid pickpockets.
  • Bring a sample or photos of your stones if you want to match them (colors or shapes).
  • Try to online registration and online ticket to save your time. In the Denver Gem & Mineral Showcase, some of the shows require registration to enter their shows.
  • Prepare your USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL account number if you are planning to ship. Also, you should bring shipping labels which already printed your information to save time.

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This page has information about belongings for the Denver Gem and Mineral Showcase.


  • Use our Denver Gem and Mineral Showcase Map.
  • Rent your car prior arriving in Denver to get lower prices for rentals.
  • Book your accommodation before full. (we recommend 2-6 months before)
  • If you will use public transportation, check our Direction page. You should know, schedule and line of the train and bus in Denver.

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This page has information about hotels while the Denver Gem and Mineral Showcase.


  • Take your time. In the show, there are over 1,000 vendors, you have to spend time to look around.
  • Check and search vendor information on our Exhibitors list page.
  • Put on comfortable shoes.
  • If you are a wholesale buyer or hunting high quality things, must go the first day. That is why the first day of the show is very crowded.
  • Do not bring a big suitcase to carry your stones. It will bother others and hit shelves.
  • Stretching before/after the show, especially your legs and lower back.
  • Arrive early for the best parking spot, especially the first day of the show.
  • Bring a small scale, calipers, Lupe, and calculator because you will not have to wait for the salesperson.
  • You should put your wallet, credit cards, and mobile phone at the same pocket or the same place always.
  • Walk around the whole show quickly, and check average prices of merchandise. Also, check which vendors selling what.
  • Before leaving each booth, get a vendor’s business card, and write their booth number and some information (dates, prices, name of stone, etc.) down on it. It will work your future references.
  • Do double check amount, color, shape, damage of stones before you will leave vendor’s booth.
  • If you are purchasing a heavy stone in the middle of the day or show, ask vendors to hold it until you will go home. Some vendors will help you to carry your stones in your vehicle.
  • If you use shipping companies, keep in mind, USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx office may close on Sunday. If you will depart Denver on Sunday, you should ship your package on Friday or Saturday. Or you should use on-site shipping companies of the show.

Tips for future vendors

  • If you are interested in participating the Denver Gem & Mineral Showcase, contact each organizer, six months in advance at least. Sometimes, their booth fully book one year before the show.
  • If you need to get a VISA invitation to US and some documents for your VISA, contact each organizer of the shows. (this website cannot help you)
  • Please protect your merchandise by yourself. Every year, some vendors were robbed or were stolen their merchandise during the show. Unfortunately, almost all cases, it was not covered by insurances.
  • If you need to promote your shop, contact me from here. You can set your banner on this webstie.